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Shopping Cart Hero 3

Shopping Cart Hero 3 The ultimate stick man launch and upgrade game there is, has now released its third edition, welcome to Shopping Cart Hero 3. In this game you play a stick man who is trying to achieve stardom by rolling down a hill in a shopping cart and making it as far as possible. With easy controls and awesome sound effects this game truly is the best launcher there can be. This game has seen so many upgrades since its first release, improving game play and add-ons which show how dedicated the creators are. Based on how far and how high your flight was, you are awarded cash to spend on upgrades. These awesome upgrades enable you to add everything from better wheels to wings and even rockets to your cart, making it a super powered trolley. There are different achievements for distance and height, so try pointing your trolley straight into the sky and giving the booster button a long hard press. In Shopping Cart Hero 3, you reach achievements by upgrading and improving your score, with easy game play and straight forward controls. You can use your mouse to select in game options and the arrows on your keyboard to manoeuvre the trolley. Warning this game is highly addictive, you start off with a little bit of game play, and as you get better upgrades and boosts you will find yourself hooked to your screen playing all night until you finish! Share your scores with your friends and challenge them to beat you, if they dare. But lets be honest you are the trolley master! So in conclusion Shopping Cart Hero 3 is the ultimate free to play launch and upgrade flash game there is, share this page with your friends and see if they can get even close to beating your record. Good luck trolley master!

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